Features and Benefits.

The Dextrite crushers feature an activated carbon filter for mercury vapor recovery to keep vapors
   below 0.05 mg/m3 TLV (Threshold Limit Value) as per OSHA.

The Dextrite patented filtration system on all units is equipped with a motorized fan that continuously
   draws all mercury vapor and dust through the filter media.

patented sleeve system (see image A) allows the user to never be exposed when changing drum.

All feed openings of our chutes for any lamps have a self closing trap door to avoid workers exposure
   to vapor or more importantly to shattered glass.

All of our systems include optical sensors for tube and drum counts. Filter saturation is also monitored
   by the system to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Our crushing systems are made of
4 heavy duty metal flails (see image B) mounted inside a separate chamber in order
   to create finer glass particles and to be able to have as many as 20% more crushed tubes per drum.

Our double crushing chamber allows the unit to stay below 65db of noise even when crushing occurs.

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